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Who We Are

Healer is a trusted, physician-developed medical cannabis brand founded to address the challenges of helping patients and health providers get the best results with safe, reliably dosable products and education on how to best use them.

Healer’s products and education are based on the work of Healer co-founder and leading cannabis clinician, Dr. Dustin Sulak, who is internationally regarded as an expert and educator on medical cannabis and recognized as a pioneer of its clinical applications.

Healer’s patented nano-filtration extraction process maintains the plant’s full therapeutic entourage of cannabinoids (including acidics and minors), terpenes, flavonoids and hundreds of other key compounds.

All Healer products and patient education are based on research, years of clinical observations, direct patient feedback and analytical test results. Unlike other cannabis products, Healer formulas are based on Dr. Sulak’s clinical experience with 18,000 patients. All Healer formulas are developed to enhance overall health and well being by improving sleep and allowing symptom-free function with little or no impairment each day.

The Healer Promise

We are here to help you get great results with cannabis you can trust.

Healer is committed to helping patients live healthier and more fulfilling lives. We focus on medical cannabis products, education, technology and building community.  Healer and its certified retail partners donate a portion of all product sales to “Healer Helps,” a program designed to help patients with hardships and support local medical cannabis education.

Seed to Patient Formulations

Healer’s products are dependent on the plant’s genetics and the hard work growers invest in producing each plant. Healer partners with local growers who produce the highest quality starting materials that are pesticide and contaminant free — we know because we test every batch.

To ensure high quality, standardized and consistent products, our patented extraction process, technologies, and operating procedures adhere to Healer’s quality control standards.

To sell and recommend our products, Healer’s Certified retail partners are required to complete the Healer Certified Cannabis Training curriculum and commit to ongoing Healer education to maintain certification.

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