Frequently Asked Questions

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What are differences between the formulations?

  • Night: THC-predominant formula derived from a blend of varieties with relaxing effects
  • Pain: Anti-inflammatory properties of THCA and pain-relieving effects of THC for long-term benefits and less psychoactive effects
  • Balance: Our broadest spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, versatile for day and night use
  • Relief: CBD-predominant enhanced with our daytime THC blend for maximum benefit and minimal impairment
  • Day: THC-predominant formula derived from a blend of varieties with stimulating and non-sedating effects
  • THCA: Carefully processed to avoid decarboxylation and formulated for microdosing

How many mg per ml and how many mg per drop and dropper?

1 drop ≈ 1 mg total cannabinoids* 50 mg/ml total cannabinoids

THCA – 10 mg/ml  5 drops = 1 mg total cannabinoids

**150 mg bottle dropper size is 20% smaller than our other bottles, so you’ll need 20% fewer drops when you transition to our 600/700 mg bottles, e.g. 10 small drops = 8 standard drops

Can I use Healer Drops topically?

Yes, Healer Drops work well as a topical applied directly onto skin.

What are the differences between Healer Capsules and Drops? Which should I take?

Capsules are a convenient method for taking the Healer Night, Relief and Balance formulations.  The capsules have a slower onset (1-2 hours) with a longer duration (4-12 hours) compared to Healer Drop’s (10-45 minute) onset and (3-8 hour) duration .  We recommend capsules if you:

  • know they work well for you
  • require a higher dosage
  • are sensitive to taste
  • do not suffer from poor gut motility

Which products are non impairing?

Healer’s Balance, Relief, THCA, CBD, and CBDA products are non impairing.

For experienced THC cannabis users, Night, Pain, and Day may be used at low doses to be non-impairing.

How is THCA non-impairing?

THCA is the acidic or raw form of THC and is non impairing.

Please keep THCA refrigerated because THCA can convert to THC in high heat or over 30+ days at room temperature.

Where do you manufacture Healer Products?

All Healer products are produced at the Healer facility in Brunswick, Maine.  At our manufacturing facility we extract, formulate, quality control test, and package our products.

What cannabis do you use as starting material?

Healer’s formulas are dependent on the plant’s genetics and the hard work growers invest in producing each plant. Healer partners with local medical cannabis growers who produce the highest quality starting materials that are pesticide and contaminant free — we know because we 3rd-party test every batch and provide you with results for each Healer product.

To create each of Healer’s unique formulas, Dr. Dustin Sulak chooses and blends strains based on his decade of clinical experience and the medicinal value of major and minor cannabinoids, terpenes and the reported effects from patients.

Why do we blend multiple strains?  Strains are inconsistent from crop to crop. We achieve consistency by blending carefully selected varieties based on their pharmacological profiles to deliver unique effects and create a more complex Healer Spectrum no single plant can deliver.

Each product’s COA (certificate of analysis) lists the strain names we blend in each batch we produce.  The strains will change from batch to batch based on superior strain availability and feedback from our patients and customers.



Why is it recommended to refrigerate Healer Products?

For best results and to maintain the products’ unique formulations, we recommend that you refrigerate your Healer products.

Without refrigeration, the acidic cannabinoids in your Healer product will slowly transform at room temperature in 3-6 months. While this may alter the effects of the product, you can still use unrefrigerated products – they simply will have higher levels of decarboxylated cannabinoids. Avoid leaving in cars during the summer or for prolonged periods in your pocket.

Can I add Healer Drops and Capsules to food and drinks?

Yes, Healer Drops can be added to food and drink but this may delay the onset and require more drops compared to taking the drops sublingually (under the tongue). You may also open capsules and sprinkle on foods.

What should I do if my vaporizer cartridge clogs?

  1. Inhale slower and as softly as you can.
  2. Use a battery with lower voltage or temperature.

The clogging occurs when oil is inside at the bottom of the mouth piece.

  1. Use a toothpick or swab stick (Qtip) with the cotton removed to insert inside the mouthpiece down into the bottom to gently twist and remove any oil residue.
  2. After oil residue is removed. Try to inhale softly. 
  3. If still clogged, warm the cartridge with battery, your hands or with low heat from a hair dryer.  Then try to inhale softly. 

Order FAQs

Can I return my product?

All sales are final.  Please contact us if you have an issue at help@healercannabis.com

How do I order?

You can order online or by phone at 207-271-9333

Phone, email and live chat support is available Mon – Fri  9am – 5pm

Curbside Pickup: Mon – Fri: 11:00 am – 4:30 pm



Where and when can I pickup my order?

You can pickup your order on Monday – Friday between 11am – 4:30pm.

Address: 119 Orion St., Brunswick, ME 04011

Required at pickup:

  • Cash payment
  • Valid Maine or out of state issued medical cannabis (marijuana) card
  • Valid driver’s license or state issued ID

How do I pay for Healer Products?

A cash payment is required at pick up.

Can I purchase THC products at Integr8 Health?

No, unfortunately Healer Cannabis products cannot be purchased at Integr8 Health.  Healer Hemp CBD and CBDA can be purchased at Integr8 Health.

What personal information do you record?

  • Name, email and phone number are recorded securely for web orders.
  • At time of purchase the state requires we record your Maine Cannabis certification ID number and the last 4 digits of your driver’s license (they are kept separate from your name, email and phone).

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